PROS Architects and Planners

Ambulong Island Tourist Destination

Project Title & Location
San Jose, Mindoro Occidental


Ermita, Manila

Project Completion


Associated Firms

Urban Designers Associates, Inc.

Services Provided
- Conceptual Framework Planning
- Site Planning
- Architectural Design

Ambulong Island lies in the Mindoro Strait off the coast of San Jose, Mindoro. Access to the island is by way of a 45-minute boat ride from San Jose. The surveys of surrounding environment conducted for the study, show a range of natural resources including several beach areas, mangroves, coves, a buri island, forested slopes, bird roosting, fishing area, and a fisherman's village. Within the island are rocky ledges, a spring, fishponds and a lighthouse. The presence of these features poses a strong tourism potential for Ambulong.

The development program for Ambulong Island aims to identify and quantify every component of the planning process to evolve a model for island tourism. This project entailed substantial accumulation of basic data on planning, architecture, geology, hydrology, climatology, biochemical, botanical and marine life research that could serve as base information for future Island Tourist resort development.

Facilities for the complex include cottages, clubhouse, treehouses, beach sheds, tennis courts, golf driving range, glass-bottomed rafts, billy-goat carts, carabao sleds, skin diving equipment.

Activity areas for visitors include, coral gardens, white beaches, sheltered coves, bird island, bat caves, fresh water lagoon, mountain spring, fishing ground and forest park featuring an aviary, a nature trail, tropical fish as well as orchids and exotic plants.