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Antel Holdings Property Urban Design Plan

Project Title & Location
Makati Avenue, City of Makati



Project Completion


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Transportas Consulting

Services Provided
- Urban Design Plan
- Circulation/Transport Analysis
- Density Analysis

Fronting Makati Avenue is located a 1.7-hectare property planned for a mixed-use residential-dominant project. Small roads and the International School on the west end of the lot surround the property. The school is to transfer to Fort Bonifacio by the school year 2002. The two roads, Valdez with a 6.8m right-of-way in the northeast, and General Luna with an 11m right-of-way on the southwest, also provide local access.

With the new zoning regulations in place in the city and with the large property under a single title, its density control has been put on a higher floor area ratio of 16. This regulation has a farther proviso that Salamanca and Santiago streets are to be connected within the Antel Property in order to allow for ease of traffic in the block.

The urban design scheme proposes to provide the property with nine parcels, with 1,247 square meters, the smallest; to 2,690 square meters, the largest, located at the innermost core. Two parallel roads perform the circulation function for motor vehicles in the property. The fronting core lot shall be required to provide pedestrian access. The central parcel may have a podium that can be utilized for local community and commercial functions.

On the other hand the fronting lots can allow for the construction of mixed uses ranging from a businessmen's hotel to office spaces and residential units on the upper floors.

Six levels of car parking will be necessary for all building blocks. With an average FAR of 11, building story heights will range from 28 to 40, including a three-level car parking above ground. Three levels of below ground parking are provided. The project has a total gross floor area of 19.7 hectares.