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Avida Towers Sucat Tower 3-7

Project Title & Location
Avida Towers Sucat
C-5, Sucat, Paranaque


Laguna Properties Holidings, Inc.
Makati City

Project Completion


Associated Firms

PROS A&E Partnership
Cesar A. Tadeo, PEE
Erlinda G. Mendoza, SE
Armando Zamora, ME
Oscar Roque, Fire Safety

Services Provided
- Master Planning
- A ad E Design Services

Taking off from a very tight space program, Tower 3, in a development complex of eleven 13-story residential condominiums and a 1,500-square meter commercial area is slated to be built by 2006. The target markets for the condominium complex are working families in search of affordable housing. The site for the project is 22,500 square meters located in former salt beds. This makes the disposition of the building blocks a critical factor for the reason that the soil conditions are soft. Furthermore, building heights are affected by the airplane flight lines of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

With the decision to have a pocket commercial area in the site, a revision calls for the circulation system to be minimized. Instead of a complete perimeter circulation system, a quarter of the road length is planned to pass between building blocks that are close to C-5, particularly the buildings near the rear of the property. To allow for positive airflow between buildings in the residential complex, the disposition of the building masses are configured to cause favorable wind pressures. Buildings are also clustered to form outdoor atria.

The quantitative features of the tower as well as the complex are as follows:

Dwelling Units per Floor- 264 dwelling units
Total Dwelling Units- 2,856 dwelling units
Density of Residential Complex- 1,353 du/ha
Floor Area Ratio-  4.17
Residential Percent Occupancy- 35.27%
Allotted Parking Slots- 357

Dwelling Unit Disposition:
20.0 sqm units / 16 per floor / 192 per building block
30.2 sqm units / 2 / 24
42.0 sqm units / 4 / 48