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Baguio City Urban Development Framework

Project Title & Location
Baguio City


Baguio City and Makati

Project Completion

June 1978

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Services Provided
- Physical Planning
- Identification of Action Areas

The pressure of urbanization in Baguio City in the late 1970's manifested in traffic congestion in its CBD, inadequacy of housing sites and parks as well as the occupance of hazard areas such as erosion-susceptible sites and sinking areas.

The role of Baguio City as a regional center and the foremost tourist destination of Northern Luzon shows the need for a firm network of roads in the physical framework. The city's radial roads, although well-structured, still require regular up-keep. However, its ring road have to be defined. The ring roads are:

Parkway - This starts at Kisad Road on the southwest, then moves towards the north to link with Harrison Road to link back to Kisad.

Service Network - This road overlaps at Harrison Road fronting Burnham Park. Then moves clockwise to General Luna with a connection to Harrison. This is the first loop. The second loop runs through Marcovill Albert, again to connect back to Harrison. Running longitudinally in these two loops is Session Road. This is proposed to be a pedestrian-dominated esplanade.

Intermediate Ring Road - Legarda Road in the southwest is proposed to provide the catalyst for this ring road. Then a propsoed link to Bukawkan continues the road tot he north, onwards to Lucban, to loop southward to Roxas, South Drive and Military Cut-Off and finally back to Legarda Road.

Outer Ring - This last circumferential road for the city has longer stretches that have not yet been identified on ground, particularlly in the south and west portions of the city. This ring road provides the connection to Loakan road with a new road to the city's periphery.