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Barrio Escopa Marginal Settlements Improvement

Project Title & Location
Barrio Escopa, Quezon City, Philippines


Elliptical Road, Diliman Quezon City

Project Completion


Associated Firms

College of Architecture, UP
Dr. Josefina M. Ramos
G.V. Manahan

Services Provided
- Architectural programming
- Site analysis
- Utilization and land use studies
- Conceptual Development Planning
- Archtectural and Engineering Design Services
- Development Planning
- Construction Supervision

The project aims to demonstrate in the site an integrated approach for improving slums and marginal settlements in a developing country. The United Nations Environment Programme and the National Housing Authority provided the funds for this demonstration project. The project involves cost controls, site and construction planning, exploring new building materials, landscaping for environmental aesthetics and food production, developing housing designs for low-budget replicable dwellings and water conversation through rainwater collection and waste water recycling. Implementation is in two pilot areas: (a) a 9,000-square meter area in Barrio Escopa Proper involving the upgrading of 100 houses and (b) on a 5,500-square meter area in New Escopa involving the building of 50 core houses.

Barrio Escopa began as an army camp in 1948. Pioneering families, most of whom were dependents of an army personnel gathered around the camp. In 1953 when the army unit transferred to another camp the estate was turned over to the government's social welfare agency together with the informal settlement. Failure to develop the greater part of the estate, an influx of informal settlers occupied the vacant site. This is the subject of the demonstration project.