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Barrio Maria Moonwalk

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Laoag Plaza, Talon I, Las Piñas City


Las Piñas

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- Planning Advisory
- Housing Concepts

In 3 January 1990 President Corazon Aquino issued a special patent in the name of the National Housing Authority for the development of 4.63 hectares in Laoag Plaza for a sites and services project. The project site is in the St. Scholastica Subdivision, just off the Marcos Alvarez Avenue.

Fr. Pierrino Regliardi requested PROS to assist the beneficiaries in programming a plan the objective of which IS to generate 530 service lots for some 200 households.

The project did not immediately break ground due to claimants to the property. In the meeting of 10 June 1991 both the occupants and the land claimants agreed to respect the court's decision, but allow the survey to be conducted in the interim. The occupants won the litigation.

PROS, presented an alternative house scheme on an 8-unit cluster The scheme generates 404 lots at 68.05 square meter. With a 2-occupant household at two levels a house generates, the household units increased by 100% or 808 units.

The percentage area allocation as planned is as follows:

Roadways- 14.13%
Footpaths- 7.90
Common open areas, tricycle stand and parking bays- 4.99
Skills Training/Multipurpose Center-13.57
Lots for residential (439 lots)- 57.18
Commercial/vendors area- 2.23

Estimated development cost in 1991 is P 18 Million.