PROS Architects and Planners

Bonifacio Global City Development Plan

Project Title & Location
Fort Bonifacio, Metro Manila


Metro Pacific Consortium/
Fort Bonifacio Development Corp.

Project Completion

1995 and 1998

Associated Firms

ECT Consulting Engineers
Seastems, Inc.
ProConsult, Inc.
Transportas Consulting, Inc.

Services Provided
- Definition of the development parameters and thresholds for the conceptual framework plan
- Conceptual engineering studies
- Traffic and transport review
- Environmental considerations review

The Fort Bonifacio Master Development Plan provides an opportunity to create an environment which is oriented to people: possesses an appropriate sense of scale, as well as a clearly articulated and understood overall identity and concepts: reflects appropriate design responses to project conditions, cultural, climatic and environmental factors, as well as meets the business objectives of the BCDA with a realistic market-based solution.

The development of the Fort Bonifacio Master Plan is based upon the framework master plan that was created by the BCDA and was derived through a series of work sessions of the project team and development consortium.

Initially, PROS' was hired as planning consultant, in collaboration with RTKL, for the formulation of Metro Pacific's Bid for the Fort Bonifacio Urban Development Project. Further on, the Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation extended the planning services of PROS as planner-of-record, with HOK in the development plan for the Global City and in the environmental and development permitting process.

Initial work of PROS and its associated firms covers the review and validation of all relevant issues to make the plan for bidding very competitive.