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Barangay Sang Virgen National Shrine

Project Title & Location
Barangay Sang Virgen National Shrine
Sta. Clara Subdivision, Silay City


Barangay Sta Clara Subdivision

Project Completion


Associated Firms

Mañosa Brothers

Services Provided
- Architectural and Engineering Design
- Site Development Plan
- Construction Management Coordination

As a result of the Barangay Sang Virgen organization's program requirements, the use of two flanking rectangular building blocks at the rear creates an inherently symmetrical plan that is enhanced by a large triangular prism for the church structure. The two building blocks are for the Samaria "retreat" houses, one for females and the other for males. The church of 4 modules has an area of 1,440 square meters. The total area of the site is a little less than 2 hectares.

Emphasis is given to the trinity. There is a triad of courtyards, mainly landscaped gardens for the three mysteries: sorrowful, joyful and glorious. These are available for meditation. Covered pathways for all-weather conditions ring the triangular arrangements of the main building. The triangles are truncated at the vertices. These layering of triangles symbolize the integrity of the trinity, which are also repeated in the volumes of the roof.

In order to form an open plan, entrances are dispersed at the three ends of the wings. One of the inner intersections of the long legs is where the blessed sacrament is located. A compact scheme is achieved by the combination of prisms, yet giving a very strong emphasis on the roof. Focus is attained by the juxtaposition of the same triangular prisms on the roof masses.

Walls in a large portion of the church allow for cross ventilation. The walls at the two intersections of the long legs are decorated with the 15 mysteries. The roof is made of clay tiles in order to maximize radiation insulation and reduce the effects of rain patter on the surface.