PROS Architects and Planners

Binsuluk Prawn Farm

Project Title & Location
Beaufort, Dsitrict, Sabah


Sabah, East Malaysia

Project Completion


Associated Firms

William S. Godinez, CE
Design Management & Development Corp.
KTA Engineering of Malaysia

Services Provided
- Engineering Design
- Prawn Production Analysis
- Feasibility Studies
- Architectural and Engineering Design Services
- Construction Management

During the height of the interest in prawn culture in Southeast Asia the company acquired 220 hectares of beachfront land between Kiwanis Bay and Binsuluk River in the District of Beaufort, Sabah. The intent of the company is to develop the area as a modern process farm that will eventually integrate with processing plants in the vicinity.

With the ideal conditions of ground elevations the demand for the right mix of freshwater and brackish water is economically attained. This essential criterion expresses well the efficiency in the development effort. The consultancy work for the design, construction and management of the project is provided by Filipino consultants with counterpart from Sabah. The professional efforts consist of the following details:

- Preparation of engineering design, specifications and costs covering land development, irrigation system, hydraulics, aeration and mechanical operations;
- Assistance in the proper implementation of the construction activities including staking, layouts, elevations and inverts;
- Analysis of initial prawn production and the identification of possible implements in production efficiency;
- Assistance in setting up of construction cost controls and operations costs records;
- Monitoring of performance including personnel efficiency, inventory and supplies as well as necessary technical supports;
- Construction management supervision and farm start-ups;
- Schemes for farm conversion at the end of the economic life of the prawn farm.

Several ponds compose the culture ponds. Species under culture is the Penaeus morodon, popularly known as the "Black Tiger Prawn". The following facilities compose the complex: hatchery, laboratory, indoor pond, outdoor ponds and culture ponds. Ancillary buildings include the staff houses, meeting rooms, workers quarters and pumphouse.