PROS Architects and Planners

Bataan Nuclear Power Plant Workers'
Barangay Development

Project Title & Location
Napot Point, Morong, Bataan



Project Completion

May 1977

Associated Firms


Services Provided
- Site Planning
- Architectural and Eningeering Design Services

In the flurry of developing the nuclear power plant, the construction workers, caused the influx of a transient community of construction camp followers. Like mushrooms, informal dwelling units sprouted particularly due to the itinerant workers who had to temporarily stay in the area during their workday periods. This situation caused concern for the Westinghouse people.

A 35-hectare property close to the huge construction site was chosen to house 475 families and bachelor households.

The property is located along the road to Morong and to Bagac. It abuts both the National Power Corporation property as well as the Bataan National Park. South of the property runs the Batelco powerline easement.

The terrain undulates. Elevation of the land range from 80 to 170 meters above mean sea level. A waterway, Mauban Creek, runs westwards beginning at elevation 130 m. This area forms part of the designated tree preservation zone. This key geographic feature forms a cusp that hugs the fringe of the sites for dwelling units. A spur road that ends in a cul-de-sac defines the cluster pattern of the project.

Five sari-sari stores, a wet market (talipapa) and a school site make up the community facilities. Six sites for artesian wells have also been located.

A large area, approximately 55% of the total property is left as greens, tree preserves and walkways. These delicately define the clustering of the home lots.