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Boracay Island Master Plan

Project Title & Location
Boracay, Aklan, Philippines



Project Completion

March 1990

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Services Provided
- Master Planning
- Development Guideines
- Boracay Development Planning

The Island of Boracay with a total land area of 1, 039 hectares is divided into three distinct sections: Barangay Yapak Hills with an area of 494 hectares in the north, Barangay Manoc-Manoc Hills with an area of 363 hectares to the south, and Barangay Angol with a 1.8 kilometers long, relatively flat and narrow section, and an area of 182 hectares connecting the two hills.

The planning approach emphasizes the importance of the conservation and enhancement of the "Island Ecosystem" while integrating the potentials for diverse settings for tourism-related activities. The development strategy stresses the proper apportioning of the land by considering the island's holding capacity. Vantage positions for vistas, slopes not exceeding 18%, sites free of required easements along the natural waterways and wetlands as well as conditions of vegetation cover, determine buildable areas.

The land use distribution for the Island consists of forest reserve (278 hectares), orchard (158 hectares), nature preserve (11 hectares), marshlands and wetlands (71 hectares) and an 18-hole Golf Course and Country Club (117 hectares) for a total of 635 hectares.

Reservoirs, waterways, beach/promenade/windbreaks, built-up areas, Panay Island Tribes campsite, low-density residential, civic center and sports area complete the 1,039 hectares.