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Boracay Island Tourism Development Plan Updating

Project Title & Location
Revitalization of Boracay Island and Vicinity


Department of Tourism

Project Completion


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Services Provided
- Master Planning
- Development Guidelines
- Capacity Building
- Financing and Funds Generation

After the passage of fifteen (15) years, PROS has pooled resources with Philsmed to take a second look at revitalizing the tourism value of Boracay. Technical and financial assistance is provided by World Bank International, Finance Corporation. The objective is to firm up the islands position as the lynch of pin tourism in the area.

Continuing with the strategy of balancing the holding capacity of the island and the introduction of up-dated infrastructure, the land use distribution in the island is once more envisioned to count on nature preserves and settings such as marshlands and wetlands as well as in the judicious introduction of beach features and assets that are not domineering. Vantage points, together with water retention areas are properly disposed to provide highlights in the built-up settings.

Reviving once more the concept that the island must be kept as the jewel in the sub-region, it shall be made to grow with a minimum of heavy development. This will result in widening the tourism area to accommodate subsidiary activities for development in Caticlan, Nabas, Buranga and even Carabao Island in Romblon.

With the combined organization of the beneficiaries, investors and operators under the LGUs, their roles becomes vital in the timely intervention in providing utilities, roadways, movement systems and other infrastructure needed to sustain the tourism development in this sub-region.