PROS Architects and Planners

C-5 Medium Rise Housing

Project Title & Location
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, Metro Manila


Gil Puyat Ave, Makati City

Project Completion

May 1999

Associated Firms

ECT Consulting Engineers
GV Manahan, Architects - Town Planners
Cesar Tadeo, Electrical Engineers
Erlinda Mendoza, Sanitary Engineers
Eagleridge Dev't Corp, Building Contractor

Services Provided
- Architectural and engineering design services
- Civil works and landscaping layout
- Construction management and supervision

On a 4.0-hectare site, along Circumferential Road 5, originally allocated for a housing project of the National Housing Authority, the Home Guaranty Corporation is constructing nineteen 5-storey buildings for housing. The project consists of 1140 dwelling units. The average floor area of each dwelling unit is 30 square meters. The portion of the site having soft soils necessitates the use of piles to make the building foundations strong.

Community facilities in the project include a barangay center, playcourts, a multi-purpose hall, and a non-denominational prayer hall. Ample parking areas at a rate of one parking slot for three dwelling units are clustered in the complex. These areas which can also function as play courts on the basis of the multi-use principle. Sufficient area is reserved for a public swimming pool.

A technologically new concrete forming system called Outinord Tunnel Forms, are used by Eagleridge Development Corporation for the construction of shear walls. Because of its built-in steam curing system, the rate of construction is two days per floor after spending 14 days in the putting in place all foundation works.

Beneficiaries of the housing project are government employees, squatter relocatees and residents at Fort Bonifacio who have to transfer out of the privatized military properties.