PROS Architects and Planners

Camp John Hay Theme Park

Project Title & Location
Camp John Hay, Baguio City


John Hay Management Ccorporation
Baguio City

Project Completion


Associated Firms

PROS A&E Partnership
ENR Consultants
Orient Integrated Development Consultants, Incorporated
PROS Personnel- 3
Person- months- 3

Services Provided
- Master Development Planning
- Landscape Design Cponcepts
- Engineerng Concepts
- Initial Environmental Examinaton

Out of several unleased portions in Camp John Hay, the owner of the property is intent in its search for a build-and-lease proponent for a 11.7-hectare area along Loakan Road. The site is a longitudinal down sloping land that has elevations lower than the main access. Along its western boundary is Barangay Green Water that has its access at the northern portion of the project site. There are large stands of pines, which are vital features that have to be preserved.

Due to the conditions of the terrain, the concept of mobility is formed in three levels: the slopping ground by way of ramps and steps; a built level, on generally flat land formed by terraces as well as foot bridge spans; and a mechanical level that consist of the transmobile and slide coupled with a multi-purpose cable car system. The last level will have to be undertaken in an incremental later phase.

The park is to be built in 3 phases. Each phase may be autonomous in operation and management or operated in a unified basis. The softscape shall exhibit indigenous plants of the Cordillera that have economic, ornamental and medicinal benefits. Facilities for eateries for food and beverages as well as for rest, meditation and recreation are to be complemented by shops and impulse goods outlets. Entry to the theme park shall be with entrance fees. Interpretative centers are to be provided at strategic locations to require users learn, behave and be aware of how the elements of the park shall be used. A visit to the park is tagged to be a cultural and learning experience.