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Carmona Township

Project Title & Location
The Carmona Township Project
Barangay Lantic, Carmona, Cavite


KUOK Properties Philippines, Inc.
Shangrila Plaza Mall
Mandaluyong City

Project Completion

November 2003

Associated Firms

PROS A&E Partnership
PROS Personnel- 2
Person- months- 6

Services Provided
- Framework and Concept Planning

It is in the Barangay of Lantic, in Carmona where the proposed township is to be located. The project has an area of 193.8 hectares. The general access to Carmona is by way of the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and Governor's Drive. The area offers a vista of the Laguna de bay and the low-lying settlements around the lake. The project site is zoned as one where a Planned Unit Development is suitable. This zoning condition suits well the project since the area is considered as an urban sub-region of Calabarzon.

Proximate to the project site is the San Lazaro Hippodrome and Leisure Park. The introduction of a retirement village and orchard farm lots, in addition to the normal residential clusters in the sub-region, appear to have potentials in the project. Governor's Drive and the San Lazaro Hippodrome and Leisure Park have influenced the main access. Similarly, all essential collector roads are influenced by land configuration, waterway limits and the attraction of the Leisure Park. Each village will be provided with community facilities. Park and greens are distributed to distinguish the villages. This also allows the best ways to preserve the greens that are part of the waterways. The Carmona Township is programmed for development in seven phases.

Land Use
Residential Lots
Roads and Easements
Community Facilities
Parks and Recreation

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