PROS Architects and Planners

Catalog Homes for EEI Suburbia East Marikina

Project Title & Location
East Marikina


EEI Realty Corporation
Quezon City

Project Completion


Associated Firms

ECT Consulting Engineers
Erlinda Memdoza, SE
Cesar Tadeo, PEE

Services Provided
- Architectural and Engineering Design
- Project Supervision

Designed to answer orders for house and lot packages to be located at EEI's project in Marikina, a number of house models make up the catalog. These are generally made up of single detached and single attached residential dwelling units. Most are in two-story affairs. Floor areas range from 28, 35 and 72 square meters for the unit with a loft.. A 45-square meter quadruplex model is also offered.

All house units are modularly designed. This approach will take advantage of industrialized building components. It will allow homebuyers the benefit of using off-the shelf modularized building parts and furniture in improving and up-grading the interiors of their dwelling. Basic building materials are reinforced concrete for floors; walls are of masonry. Roofing is of pre-painted galvanized iron double-rib roof with radiant heat insulation. Windows are mainly steel casement. For toilet windows steel awning or glass jalousies are provided.

To give identity to the individual dwelling units, glazing of main windows and at door lights will have modular spaces for the introduction of "faux stained" glass. Similarly add-on iron grille works that the homebuyer may want to add later are in modularized spaces.

Decorative elements are made simple in order to allow the homeowners to put their own character to the interiors or the exteriors of the dwelling. Spaces for these elements are suggested in specific locations, so that over-all, the neighborhood will still have a unifying character and harmonized features. For accents and color, plantings in ground covers, creepers, herbs and shrubbery have recommended locations in the residential lots.