PROS Architects and Planners

Club John Hay Master Development Plan

Project Title & Location
Baguio City


Bases Conversion and Development Authority
Villamor Airbase, Pasay City

Project Completion


Associated Firms

Seastems, Inc.
Cuervo Appraisers
Orient Integrated Development Consultants, Inc.
ECT Consulting Engineers
Integrated Development Associates

Services Provided
- Physical Planning
- Financial Analysis
- Infrastructure and Utility Framework Planning
- Market Projections
- Social, Economic and Institutional Impact Studies
- Environmental Management Plan

Formerly a rest and recreation facility built for American military personnel, the John Hay Air Station was reverted to the Philippine Government in 1992. Of the total encompassing 695 hectares, 301 hectares were allotted for the Club John Hay Special Economic Zone (CJHSEZ). The master development plan ensures that the development of CJHSEZ shall be financially feasible and viable for private investors as well as responsive to environmental, social, and infrastructure concerns of the surrounding community.

Ultimately, the development evolved with emphasis given to tourism development. The plans were formulated on the concept of clustering interrelated functions. The proposed land use clusters include: a golf course, cottage and multi-family unit clusters, corporate seminar areas, international, Cordillera and Filipino cluster, active recreation, village center and historical clusters, managed and protected forest clusters, service and administration clusters and a camping area.

The plan was used as a basis for the privatization bid of the area. The same plan was accepted by the city and its constituency as the base plan for monitoring the development.