PROS Architects and Planners

Corregidor Heritage Tourism Plan

Project Title & Location
Corregidor Island and Mariveles, Bataan
(Unsolicited Offer)


Corregidor Foundation &
the Department of Tourism
T.M. Kalaw St, Luneta, Manila

Project Completion


Associated Firms


Services Provided
- Conceptual land use planning
- Reforestation plan
- Funds generation strategy

With the vision to restore the island of Corregidor to its original state and to preserve the island as a historical monument, PROS and GAMMCOR presented an unsolicited proposal to the Corregidor Foundation and the Department of Tourism. The Plan aims to: (1) develop Corregidor and Bataan as major tourist destinations upon which a national tourism program can be anchored; (2) develop a natural and historical resource into a world class tourist attraction through a financial package that directly benefits the Filipino People; and (3) establish a model circuit for the development of tourism as the country's premier industry.

Along with the proposal to restore Corregidor is the funds generation strategy referred to as Corregidor Master Fund in support of objective (2). The Master Fund intends to establish a precedent-setting landmark process in the privatized use of government assets for and in behalf of the public who are the ultimate owners of the country's national resources.