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Damai Beach Resort Development Plan

Project Title & Location
Santubong, Sarawak, Malaysia


Kuching, Sarawak, East Malaysia

Project Completion


Associated Firms

R. C. Alcordo Architects
Ternate Development Corporation
GVM Architects + Town Planners

Services Provided
- Master Planning
- Land Use Characterization
- Conceptual Landscaping Plan
- Integration of cultural relevance

The 480-hectare Damai Beach Resort Complex is 30 kilometers north of Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. The site fronts the South China Sea and lies at the foot of Santubong Mountain. Resort activities and housing zones are interspersed by mangroves and rainforest. The main activity areas cover the three white sand beaches of Biawak, Bandong and Penyok, as well as the undulating hills and mountain slopes of Santubong Peninsula.

Architectural design concepts and landscape development strategies allow for call for building silhouettes and human-scaled massing that blend with the irregular topography. Man-made structures are designed so as not to intrude into the existing visual continuity of the natural environment.

Major land uses of the Resort are divided into resort- and community-related uses. Resort hotels are clustered around recreational facilities creating a tightly knit walking resort. A golf course is located on rolling lands with a good panoramic view of the sea. The Community complex is planned as a total destination resort to include 101 cottages, a 150-room hotel, 844 housing units consisting of bungalows, condominiums and terrace houses, 122 residential lots, a VIP lodge, and diverse recreation facilities. The commercial center serves as an interface activity zone between the resort and community complex.