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Development Planning & Detailed Engineering for
CCP and the Financial Center

Project Title & Location
Development Planning and Detailed Engineering for the Cultural Center of the Philippines and the Financial Center Area. MCCRRP, Pasay City


Public Estates Authority and the Cultural Center of the Philippines

Project Completion


Associated Firms
Proconsult, Inc.

Services Provided
- Development Planning
- Detailed Engineering

At the end of the Manila-Cavite Coastal Road Reclamation Report is a 68-hectare property now known as the Financial Center Area. The Development Bank of the Philippines, Government Service Insurance System, Social Security System, Philippine National Bank, Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Philippine National Construction Corporation owns the parcels. The Philippine Trade Exhibits is administered by the DTI. The exhibit buildings straddle three properties and ran parallel to Roxas Boulevard. In all, the properties total to 50.5 hectares. The residential areas, generally the bay front, are open spaces administered by the Public Estates Authority. The Libertad Channel demarcates the southern boundary.

Contiguous to the Financial Center Area is the Philippines International Convention Center-Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex. Land uses in this area are mainly for convention and cultural presentations. At the coastal zone is located a 5 star hotel now privatized. Some 16 hectares of the area are still not fully utilized. The primary need of the Cultural Center of the Philippines is to generate a replacement for the income it lost when the hotel was privatized. CCP could not implement its plans to develop additional cultural venues let alone support itself formally. It is also unfortunate that when the major roads in the area were developed, their layouts and allotments do not relate with those of the FCA. This is the objective of this project. There is need to rationalize likewise land use intensities, urban design, circulation, parking and movement systems as well as firm up detailed engineering design for utilities, roads and drainage.