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Dominican Hill Concept Plan

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Baguio City


Quezon City

Project Completion


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Design Management and Development Corporation

Services Provided
- Conceptual Planning
- Urban Design

The hill is the site of the old monastery of the Dominican Order. It is centrally located in the city. It is the most prominent hill that overlooks Burnham Park. The site has an area of 10 hectares in the shape of a flying sea-gull. Access is by way of a two-lane road through City Camp. Steep terrain and escarpments surround the hill.

As a concept, the Dominican Hill project is a microcosmic adaptation of Baguio City; self-contained yet dependent on its broader surround for its community requirements. The structural frame of buildings straddle and bridge deep terrain. At the same time when slopes permit, structures hug the ground to stabilize erodable soil. Lands that are precariously situated are cut to accommodate below ground facilities. Buildings are designed as integrated elements where space functions are distinct, yet interpenetrating. Sixteen and a half hectares of floor area is generated on a mixed use development. These can change and fluctuate depending on market trends.

- Mobility on the hill is inspired by:
- Improvements on the existing road;
- Cable way to Burnham Park where mass parking is located;
- Alpine slide system both as a transport and recreation facility;
- Cylindrical vertical lift from the bottom-side of the hill.
- Horizontal breezeways linking various transport nodes on the hill.