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Gallego Integrated Information Technology Park
Comprehensive Master Plan

Project Title & Location
Nampicuan, Nueva Ecija


Manuel Gallego Family
Quezon City

Project Completion


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- Master Planning
- Land Use Allocation
- Development Guidelines

Unobtrusively situated in the flatlands of Nueva Ecija, midway between Cabanatuan and Tarlac City, is the agricultural estate of the Gallego Family. Two parcels of the land are under the name of the agriculture and industry institute, a foundation. The properties are now managed by the third generation Gallegos with paternal advise from the elder Gallego. Originally ran as an educational institute, the vision of the family is to develop the properties as catalysts for a forward-looking, leading edge educational institution dedicated to information technology.

The master plan endeavors to balance the overall concept of progress through education in the technology park; in close harmony with the community and the physical constraints of the site. It is thus viewed as a "green" college town, an educational institution, surrounded by agricultural properties. The information technology park shall integrate a thriving new economy to the existing community.

Since both parcels are close to the poblacion, the larger parcel with an area of 87 hectares, called the Main Site, shall be where the colleges, businesses and commercial facilities will be located. A waterway demarcating the north boundary shall be enhanced to act as retention basins and a landscaped recreation area. The mango orchard of 15 hectares shall be retained with parcels of educational institutions along the perimeter. Major athletic grounds and dormitories are also located in the main site.

The smaller parcel of 16 hectares abuts the south end of the poblacion. This property shall be allocated to residential clusters of mid-rise residential condominiums. A system of parks and community clubhouses are linked by pedestrian access and bikeways to major facilities.