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Gateway Community Development Concept

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General Trias, Cavite


Makati City

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- Land Use Concepts
- Development Framework

The Gateway Community Development Plan lays out the framework which shall served as basis for the growth of a new community in the Gateway Industrial Complex. General planning coverage includes educational institutions, residential development, an 18-hole golf course and infrastructure among many others.

Predominantly a residential community, the project involves the construction of two general types of housing development: higher density walk-ups built contiguously with the commercial center, and low-density residential zones scattered throughout the site. The study adopts the planned unit development approach to achieve market flexibility. The result is a mix of housing styles and clusters incrementally phased in their development.

The centerpiece of the project is the 18-hole golf course with fairways designed along a sausage-link scheme, providing vantage view for high-valued residential lots.

Located directly west of the Gateway Industrial Estate access to employment for those qualified is high. The project site having deep river gullies and ravines can be utilized as delineating boundaries for the neighborhood clustering in a highly natural environment. Assurance of prevention from erosion and siltation is made with a good landscaping concept plan.