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Ifugao Rice Terraces Master Plan for Restoration

Project Title & Location
Ifugao Province


Ifugao Terraces Commission
Department of Tourism
T.M. Kalaw St. Luneta, Manila

Project Completion

November 1994 and September 1995

Associated Firms

Orient Integrated Development Consultants, Inc
Transportas Consulting

Services Provided
- Technical studies for systematic planning and priority implementation
- Spatial organizational framework
- Operational planning
- Multi-level organization and management structure

The Master Plan establishes the operational strategies for the preservation and restoration of the Ifugao rice terraces. The terraces pervades in the towns of Ifugao Province in the mountains of the Cordilleras. The Ifugao rice terraces are romantically called the stairway to the skies.

The initial phase of the master Plan covers the terraces located in the towns of Banawe, Kiangan, Mayaoyao, Hugduan and hingyon. The focus of the plan is how the municipalities can cope with the key problems of terrace rehabilitation and restoration. The problems are aggravated by the North Luzon Earthquake of 1990.

The technical studies out of which recommendations are made include the following:

1. Geology, soils and climate
2. Socio-cultural and demographic features
3. Transport and infrastructure
4. Engineering Interventions
5. Agricultural modernization
6. Family life and the impact of modernization
7. Revitalization of traditional settings vistas and pride of place.

Key processes and interventions that positively affect the overall implementation of the plan are identified. Emphasis is given to what can be realistically achieved in the short term, given limitations of capabilities and resources.

UNESCO's decision to list the Ifugao Rice Terraces as a living cultural heritage site can be attributed to the documentation that the master Plan contains. Eventually the 6-year master plan for the rice terraces of Ifugao includes all the towns of the province having rice terrace culture.