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Intramuros Urban Development Plan

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Intramuros, Manila



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ECT Consulting Engineers

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- Urban survey and analysis
- Infrastructure and Inventory
- Urban Design

For 250 years, beginning on 1565 and ending in 1815 Manila was an entrepot of the Galleon Trade. Spanish Manila concentrated in Intramuros thrived. The walled city was the center of religion, government, education, commerce and culture. Today Intramuros is being restored to its glory days. Under very strict conservation rules, the district, all 87.6 hectares, is dispersed to produce financially viable and successful urban settings of the Spanish era.

The urban development plan recommends the following:
- Develop guidelines for preserving the historic value of the Hispanic zone
- Encourage cultural activities in the historic zone as well as heritage centers to advance their educational value
- Establish information technology as affiliate programs of educational institutions
- Rationalize existing economic functions and activities and enhance tourism potentials particularly food outlets and gift shops
- Define areas for special enterprises particularly those engaged in lodging facilities that cater to tourists, young professionals and students
- Raise trust funds to purchase historic sites and buildings
- Maintain the dominance of pedestrians by catering to their comfort and needs
- Development of public parking facilities even outside the district
- Utilize the concept of transferring development rights to recipient areas close to Intramuros