PROS Architects and Planners

J.P. Laurel Community Environment Renewal

Project Title & Location
San Miguel, Manila, Philippines


Gil Puyat Ave, Makati City

Project Completion

May 1999

Associated Firms

ECT Consulting Engineers
GV Manahan, Architects - Town Planners
Cesar Tadeo, Electrical Engineers
Erlinda Mendoza, Sanitary Engineers
Eagleridge Dev't Corp, Building Contractor

Services Provided
- Architectural and engineering design services
- Civil works and landscaping layout
- Construction management and supervision

This Project is part of a pilot revitalization project of the government. It is implemented through a government financing mechanism for urban renewal through a land investment trust.

The project covers a 45-hectare area in the District of San Miguel and portions of the District of Paco the Malacanang Park. The project involves residential rehabilitation and new residential construction, revitalization of retail and office buildings, historic restoration, building conservation, pocket parks and plazas, community renewal, circulation improvements, landscaping and design control.

Besides the preparation of the redevelopment plan for the upgrading of the community and its vicinity, the work includes the formulation of development strategies and renewal concepts.

The development plan aims to improve the area's circulation system and transport linkages between the project area and other government center sites; establish an environmental character which enhances the ambiance of the executive offices of government; and encourage private owners to take advantage of government incentives for urban renewal.

The project area is divided into three distinct action areas ranging from single detached dwellings to mass housing, to neighborhood commercial-residential zones, an executive block, parks and plaza zones.