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Land Development Process Policy Study:
Land Administration & Management Program

Project Title & Location
Land Development Process Policy Study: Land Administration and Management Program


National Economic and Development Authority

Department of Environment and Natural Resources

International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD)

Project Completion

April 2003

Associated Firms

Orient Integrated development Consultants, Inc.
HTS Development, Ltd.

Services Provided
-  Policy Research
- Action Plan Recommendations
- Delphi Brainstorm Sessions

Urbanization has both its positive and negative contributions to society. Current policies and practices in the Philippines regarding land and its development and control call for a review and revision in order to better urban management, make the use of land more efficient as well as minimize the negative impact urban development on the physical environment.

The study is one of several components of the Land Administration and Management Program (LAMP) funded through a loan from the IBRD. The study requires the following activities:

a. A review of the current system of land development and management in terms of relevance, effectiveness and efficiency;
b. Identify policies, processes and the structures in land reclassification;
c. Examine the legal framework in land development and determine whether it is sufficient to address existing issues related to the process;
d. Document and analyze current land development processes in the Philippines, including plan and policy procedures, reclassification and rezoning of land, development approvals and subdivision processes, building requirements related to land
e. Identify and analyze the major problems and issues associated with land development.

Key to the consultation process are the brainstorm sessions of the officers of the twelve agencies directly concerned with land development processes that are to meet with the multidiscipline key informants of PROS in synthesizing concerns and issues on land development and management.