PROS Architects and Planners

Laurel Tagaytay Property Resort Concepts

Project Title & Location
Tagaytay City, Philippines


Makati, Metropolitan Manila

Project Completion

May 1994

Associated Firms


Services Provided
- Pre-feasibility Site Development
- Architectural Schematics

The site is a 10-hectare promontory running approximately northeast-southwest with a commanding view of Taal Lake and the volcano. From an elevation of 536 meters above mean sea level, the site drops southeastward in the direction of the lake and westward away from the rest of the city. Four hectares of buildable land lie in the crest of the promontory. The rest of the property is assigned to uses compatible with the conditions of the rugged topography. Access is by way of Ligaya Drive.

The Laurel property and its natural lay of the land makes it one of the choice spots for the development of a vacation resort. Three development zones are identified. On the stretch of the crest is grouped the bulk of the development; consisting of the main lodge and several types of residential accommodations. The slopes are reserved for recreation and amusement. The east slopes are for the nature park in as much as these are very steep slopes.

The character of the nature park is amplified throughout the development by introducing unobtrusive landscaping to make the built environment blend with nature in the place.