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Legaspi City


Local Government of Legaspi City

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- Feasibility Studies
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The PREMIUMED is a program organized by the Ministry of Public Works and Highways, the Ministry of Local Government and the Ministry of Finance. It aims to provide soft loans to local governments for the improvement of their public infrastructure. With an aggregate land area of 23,524 hectares and whose urban areas amount to 1,538 hectares, Legaspi City is having difficulty in catching up with its urban upkeep.

In this regard, the PREMIUMED has given the City of Legaspi a soft loan for the following projects:

a. Roads and Bridges- Php 28.87
b. Flood Control and Drainage- 38.00
c. Solid Waste Management- 3.40
d. Area Up-grading- 1.73
e. Slaughterhouse- 2.86
f. City Maintenance Facilities- 3.97

Five road sections are to be improved and the Bogtong Bridge, 86 meters in length is to be built. The flood control measures consist of dredging and lining of the river embankments. An 8-hectare dumpsite will be established and shall be used until 1996. Two dump trucks are also to be purchased. Area up grading will include ripraps along escarpments, construction of footpaths, sanitary facilities, water, drainage and other area improvements. The existing slaughterhouse is to be rehabilitated into a Model Class B facility in a land area of 9,815 square meters and with a building gross floor area of 128 square meters. The city maintenance facilities shall be located in a 9,381-square meter compound very close to the airport.