PROS Architects and Planners

Makati Commercial Center Redevelopment Study

Project Title & Location
Makati City



Project Completion


Associated Firms

Francisco T. Mañosa and Associates
Urban Designers associates, Inc.

Services Provided
- Master Planning
- Parking and Circulation Analysis

In 1978 Ayala Development Corporation's commercial properties arm already sensed the fast changing trends in the growth of the Makati Commercial Complex. Therewith, it solicited technical proposals from consulting firms. Francisco T. Mañosa and Associates, took lead in associating with PROS to win the opportunity to prepare the redevelopment plan for the commercial complex.

From general schemes prepared by the design team, the cruciform pattern is adopted for further design development.

The covered core acting as an atrium where people congregate just like in the glorietta of rural towns has proven to be a useful model. At the four ends of each arm are located pairs of towers with mixed uses. At each quadrant are car parking facilities either underground or on two levels topped by garden parks.

Pedestrian movement is encouraged while motor vehicles are to be restrained during busy hours of the day. Arcaded shops and specialty boutiques are arranged along the movement systems.

In the scheme, Rizal Theater is to be replaced by a hotel complex. The commercial complex is linked to the Greenbelt by means of elevated breezeways and airconditioned underground accesses.