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Makati Signage Program

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Makati City


Urban Development Department
Makati City

Project Completion


Associated Firms

Shirley Silva
Anerigo dela Paz
Geronimo V. Manahan, Team Leader

Services Provided
- Signage Development Program

Even before the billboard controversies spawned by typhoon Millenyo, Makati City has scheduled to review the value of signages in the City. This began with a moratorium on giant billboards; followed by the city's coordination with the Department of Public Works and Highways on how billboards can be further regulated. In the meantime the city's Urban Development Department conducted through its consultants an inventory of how and the reasons why signs proliferate in certain sections of the urban area.

The study showed that the best views and landscape vistas are marred by billboards. They spread without rhyme or reason due to the advertising agencies, intent in getting the best views for posting their advertisements.

In establishing the Makati City Ordinance on Signages its provisions are atuned with national laws in particular on structural, electrical and other safety requirements. On the otherhand the local ordinances can concentrate on the location, size aesthetics and convenience of signages.

Further studies showed that the city gets revenues from billboards minimally. There is need to rationalize signage revenue under a city ordinance. There are also sites where signages are visually obstructive, or where in certain areas signages are prohibited. There are certain areas in the city where signs are strictly regulated as in parks, heritage sites and in major landmarks. Unique road alignments must also have signage controls. In essence, the objective of the system is to have one rationale measure for the city to make the place a thing of beauty and convenience.