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Manila Goldcoast Reclamation

Project Title & Location
Manila Goldcoast Reclamation Project
City of Manila


Manila Goldcoast Development Corporation
Madrigal Business Park
Ayala Alabang, Muntinglupa City

Project Completion

July 2002

Associated Firms

ECT Consultiong Engineers
Transportas Consulting
Seastems, Inc.

Services Provided
- Regional Context
- Environmental Analysis
- Master Planning
- Engineering Studies
- Development and Design Guidelines

Under a new management organization, the original reclamation franchise held by Robert Lu is again being revived. This is the area that contains the Manila Yacht Basin, Camp Abad and the Philippine Coast Guard. The area is the terminus of an integrated MCCRRP.

The vision of the project is to modify and reconfigure the original plan into a tourism-related development with world-class international cruise ship berthing and support facilities that will be integrated with the tourism facilities along the Ermita-Malate tourist belt.

The new development objectives have the following key features:
- A stronger affinity of land uses with the Ermita-Malate tourist belt;
- The continuation of Quirino Avenue to link with Central Boulevard of the MCCRRP, now called Bay City;
- Better opportunities for complementary activities with the land uses of the Cultural Center of the Philippine Complex;
- Rationalized provision of ferry boat landings, cruise ships berthing facilities within a newly developed and larger Manila Yacht Basin;
- Strategic locations for the Philippine Coast Guard Headquarters and the Manila Naval Base of the Philippine Navy.

On the main, the 148-hectare reclamation project will be a balance of parks, inland waters and canals acting as counterpoints to a mixed use development. A beach cove at the east shall separate Roxas Boulevard from the new land. Also a canal shall traverse the landmass to provide better water flow as well as for an aesthetic accent to the area.
The urban design plan adequately emphasizes the value of sunset views, building height harmony and the overall silhouette of development. The design guidelines embody specific issues and concerns in fulfilling a phased development and marketing program for the project.