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Manila Harbour Business Centre Urban Design Plan

Project Title & Location
Tondo, Manila


R-II Builders
Quezon City

Project Completion


Associated Firms

RTKL International Ltd.
Mary Ann Arañas-Espina, Landscape

Services Provided
- Area Programming
- Urban Design
- Development Guidelines
- Landscape Planning
- Imaging

Located at the entry of the Smokey Mountain Reclamation Project, just west of the R-10 in Tondo is the Manila Harbour business Centre. Consisting of 31 hectares. It is organized about a central spine that links the main pedestrian esplanade from R-10 and the shopping complex up to the landmark tower further west. The Business Centre is also the gateway for the port facilities in the reclamation area. It consists of five blocks with varying lot sizes. It is the focus for the 79-hectare reclamation project that links port, residential and industrial uses. Shopping, offices and commercial outlets as well as industrial uses will dominate the area. Twenty-four-hour activities constitute the business center.

Height of buildings in the core of the project is limited to 12 to 15 stories. These are linked by two-storey or 9-meter high podiums where main lobbies of building towers are located. Rental parking and support facilities are also located in the podiums. The floor area ratio in the project varies from a high of 12.6 to a low of 2.0. The gross lot coverage ranges from 50% to 80%. The gross floor area (GFA) is estimated to be a maximum of 83.4 hectares for a population of 27,800.

The circulation concept consists of the main gateway, spine and linkages for pedestrians, plazas and nodes as space organizers. The plazas and nodes consist of the retail plaza, a central plaza, the landmark building plaza and a linear, promenade along the south wharf. Arcades act as the center's "urban rooms," or outdoor living areas.