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Marine Base Ternate

Project Title & Location
Ternate, Cavite


Republic of the Philippines

Project Completion


Associated Firms

TECT Consulting Engineers
Padre Pio Consultancy Management Corporation
Proconsult, Inc.
Seastems, Inc.

Services Provided
- Comprehensive master development plan A&E services (supplementary to the initial scope) Environmental studies
- Support infrastructure services
- Facilities programing and operations analysis Initial cost estimates Phasing of development

Since 1904, the coastal zone of Ternate, Cavite particularly Calumpang Point, is recognized as a naval reservation owing to its strategic importance for the defense of the Manila Bay area. The Philippine Navy has thus recognized the significance of the Ternate coastline by utilizing the 858-hectare site for the needs and requirements of the Philippine Marine Corps. The conversion of Fort Bonifacio in Metropolitan Manila in order to raise funds for the modernization of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) necessitated the transfer of various AFP units to other locations. This is the essence of the need to prepare a comprehensive master development plan for the operation of the Marine Base at Ternate.

The plan formulation involves a thorough analysis of the site conditions in order to generate the proper synergy that will ensure sustainability for overall development of the site. The vision of development emphasizes the Navy-Marine team concept in naval defense operations and national development by the sea. Other than just its role in national defense, Marine Base Ternate, with its expansive coverage is envisioned to be an effective and efficient facility for the stewardship of air, land and sea resources. Operations are to be linked with the community in terms of management with the goal of a total quality organization that recognizes people as its most valued asset. Areas that shall not be utilized for the operation of the marine base are to be devoted to natural landscapes, botanic preserves and eco-tourism.