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Maryknoll High School Campus Plan Assessment

Project Title & Location
Loyola Heights, Quezon City


Quezon City

Project Completion


Associated Firms

Urban Designers Associates, Inc.
UDA Alumnae of Maryknoll

Services Provided
- Site analysis and selection
- Space programming
- Development criteria

To pursue the expansion program of the Maryknoll High School, Loyola Heights, a physical rationale is viewed by the school officials as an important aspect in articulating the vision of the school towards a Maryknoll education. A responsive physical plant is the facility the officials see fit in identifying the social relationships of the high school department with the rest of the Maryknoll College. The compatibility of the department's development plans is seen as helpful in establishing organized functions for the whole campus.

Emergent in the evaluation of the high school's physical conditions are the findings in efficiently using existing floor spaces and how to take advantage of activity relationships. Noted also is the need to improve links of vehicular and pedestrian movements between buildings as well as in making walking convenient to the campus populace. In all there is a need to update the campus plan so that activities can utilize land more efficiently.

These site schemes for the expansion of Maryknoll High School are proposed. One scheme located the expansion at the east of Katipunan Avenue and south of the Cafetorium. The other scheme locates the facilities east of St. Joseph's Villa and north of the college building. A criteria checklist is also proposed so that choosing the best layout can be made by the campus constituency. For the space program, a gross floor area of 9,530 square meters with 7.56 square meters per student is the target for planning activities.