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Financial Center Area Master Plan

Project Title & Location
Pasay City


Construction and Development Corporation of the Philippines, Makati

Public Estates Aauthority

Project Completion

December 1978

Associated Firms

The Architects Collaborative
CDCP Engineering

Services Provided
- Environmental Analysis
- Behavioral Studies
- Master Planning

The Financial Center Area is an 80-hectare development forming the initial part of the Manila Cavite Coastal Road and Reclamation Project. Its development is subject to the basic development standards required by the General Development Plan for the whole reclamation project. Land uses are restricted to financial offices, banks, accessory uses and the mix of office/residential/commercial uses specified in the general plan.

The area is planned to be the site of the headquarters of the Development Bank of the Philippines, the Philippine National Bank, the Government Service and Insurance System, the Social Security System, the Land Bank of the Philippines and the Construction and Development Corporation of the Philippines (CDCP). These agencies shall share facilities and ancillary services.

A central mall extends from Libertad Channel on the south towards the PICC/CCP Complex on the north. Then it fans out towards Manila Bay within the arc described by Gil Puyat Avenue or C-3. A small marina forming the focus of a residential cluster with sport facilities is located at the northwest corner of the site.

The project is pedestrian-oriented. Walkways establish major pedestrian congregation points over major roads. Heights of buildings re regulated to maintain and reinforce visual channels from Roxas Boulevard to Manila Bay. Physical development is concentrated for architectural character, cohesive commercial uses, and to strengthen common uses. The gross floor area ratio of 1.92 is maintained, while the net FAR is raised to 2.5 resulting in land occupancy of 40%. This provides a large portion of the plots free for open spaces and public parks.

A central transport terminal is a key facility in the mall. This calls for a modified podium concept whereby the building form absorbs the parking facilities, at the same time creating public meeting areas at elevation 10 meters.