PROS Architects and Planners

Metropolitan Manila
Urban Transport Integration Study

Project Title & Location
Metropolitan Manila Urban Transport Integration Study


Japan International Cooperation
Agency and Philippine Department of Transportation and Communication

Project Completion


Associated Firms

G.V. Manahan - Architects-Town Planners
Transportas Consulting
Cybersoft Integrated Geoinformatics, Inc.

Services Provided
- Land use analysis
- GIS mapping and analysis
- Lectures and forum

With Metropolitan Manila's land transport problems reaching appalling proportions, the government's infrastructure and transport agencies saw fit to request JICA to conduct a 5-year study of the situation. Beginning in 1995 the Filipino consultants participated in developing the database for the project. The participation of PROS consultants consists of GIS mapping, analysis of land uses and the development of metropolitan growth scenarios. Paradigms of the metropolis are formulated after identifying net employment zones in an expanded area beyond the metropolis up to the south of Bulacan, north of Laguna and Cavite and towards Rizal and Quezon Provinces.

The focus of the land use-transport plan projected up to 2015 is how to:

- Support the north-south urban growth and expansion;
- Develop a hierarchy of transport networks and facilities;
- Gradually develop a rail-based public transport system;
- Ensure accessibility to the CBDs, airport and seaports.

Supporting policies formulated during the study consists of:

- A transport policy that gives emphasis on sustainability and public-private partnership;
- Promoting public transport-based urban areas;
- Strengthening traffic management capabilities;
- Promoting pedestrian and non-motorized transport facilities;
- Supporting means to accelerate infrastructure development;
- Establishment of fund sourcing and their sustained generation;
- Research and education capability building.