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Mother of Good Counsel,
Augustinian Contemplative Nun's Monastery

Project Title & Location
Mother of Good Counsel, Augustinian Contemplative Nun's Monastery
Carmel Farms, Purok 8, Tungkung Manga,
San Jose del Monte, Bulacan


Augustinian Contemplative Nuns
Rome, Italy

Project Completion


Associated Firms

M.T.Mañosa, Jr. - Architect
Antonio V. Gutierrez - Structural Engineer
Cesar A. Tadeo - Electrical Engineer
Erlinda G. Mendoza - Sanitary Engineer

Services Provided
- Site development planning
- Architectural and Engineering design services

The Augustinian Contemplative Nuns has its motherhouse in Italy. It got to know more about the Philippines through the growing Filipino community in that country. In December 1995 the decision of the motherhouse to establish a chapter in the Philippines was made because of the increasing number of Filipinos entering the congregation. Fortunately, the Augustinian Contemplative Nuns were able to acquire more than five hectares at Carmel Farms, San Jose del Monte in Bulacan. Carmel Farms is part of a 2000-hectare project of the Aranetas. The monastery as a pioneer institution is located in what can become the core of the new city of San Jose.

The land where the monastery is sited is gently sloping. Then it drops towards the rear for most of the area. These necessitated appropriate storm drainage measures. On the upper portion of the property is located the monastery which has two stories. The first phase of the building project consists of the nuns' residence and convent. Its design with a Latin character closely resembles the architecture of the motherhouse called the Monasteria Madre dela Gracia. But there are also differences. Just as the motherhouse has arched vestibules, so has the monastery at San Jose del Monte, but deeper and wider. Windows are with louvers to shut off the strong tropical sun. The Latin nature of the building is enhanced with the inevitable use of Italian ceramic roof and floor tiles. A larger church is planned to complete the site ensemble. The monastery is getting to be popular as a retreat center and a place for searchers and contemplatives.