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Manila Urban Transport Strategy Plan

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Manila Urban Transport Strategy Plan
Transport Terminal Schematics
Metro Manila


Department of Transportation and Communications
Australian Development Assistance Board
Metro Manila

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Pak-Poy and Kneebone Pty Ltd.
DCCD Engineering Corporation

Services Provided
- Multi-Modal Transport Terminal Schematics
- Site Validation

With the nascent successes in the rationalization public transport systems in Metropolitan Manila, additional specific studies were conducted by DOTC with the assistance of MUTSTRAP (Manila Urban Transport Strategy Plan). This is a direct grant to the Philippine Government by the Australian Development Assistance Board. One of the components of the plan was the study for the area's multi-modal transport stations. It was in this segment of the study where Dr. Geronimo V. Manahan, principal of PROS participated with the major responsibility of working closely with an Australian transport consultant in developing strategies and plans for specific transport stations. Detailed research and validation, including schematic arrangements for the facilities were made, including support services that can make the various space functions of the facilities compatible and complementary with each other.

Specific transport storage, circulation and activity nets were made for two sites. These are the YMCA-Arroceros area and Blumentritt. Circulation flows were evaluated to link the LRT station in the vicinity to car parking facilities, jeepney stations and the Metropolitan bus system. In specific sites jeepney stations were connected with tricycle arrangements. In Blumentritt, a very active outdoor market can be firmly linked to the Philippine National Railways Commuter System. All the terminals have car parking schemes to encourage in-city park-and-ride arrangements. All parking structures were made multi-story with areas for commercial establishments. It was projected that as a result of the construction of multi-modal car park and public transport terminals the concept of park-and-ride inside Central Manila will effectively reduce peak personal vehicular traffic caught in narrow streets of the city.