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National Government Center
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Quezon City


Makati City

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Transportas Consulting
ECT Consulting Engineers
Ramon C. Cuervo

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- Urban Design
- Land Use Planning
- Transportas Studies
- Market Study
- Initial Environmental Examination
- Site Works Engineering

The National Government Center Housing Committee (NGCHC) Resolution 25 dated 18 June 1998, mandates the approval of the NGC Housing Project Framework Plan. Integral to the plan is the development of a 100-meter wide strip of land along Commonwealth Avenue. This has an area of 23 hectares within the 150-hectare National Government Center Housing Project (NGCHP). The project harnesses the mixed residential, institutional and commercial uses of the area together with its concomitant income-generating potentials to cross-subsidize development within the NGCHP.

Representatives from people's organizations (POs) and government agencies (GAs) provide the necessary guides in drawing the conceptual plan that is reviewed and approved by the Housing Committee. The project is an integrated, self-sustaining Special Economic Zone that provides developed sites for small enterprises and incubator facilities for budding entrepreneurs, bonded storage and direct retail outlets for local products. Big business is encouraged to participate.

The concept is for enterprises to tie up with the local resources through incentives similar to those offered by the Kalakalan 20 Law, but for urban areas. Skills training facilities and protocols for supported apprenticeships are important features of the project. A public market is located mid-way the zone. Fifty percent of the area is devoted to residential accommodations and community facilities as well as locally generated enterprises that the beneficiaries will organize. The construction of shophouses allows for the development of commercial establishments and residences in one unified structure.