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National Government Center Public Market

Project Title & Location
Commonwealth Enterprise Zone, Quezon City


Makati City

Project Completion


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ECT Consulting Engineers

Services Provided
- Architectural and Engineering Design Services
- Project Supervision
- Site works Engineering
- Landscaping Design

Aside from enterprises that are locating at the Commonwealth Enterprises Zone of the National Government Center Housing Project, there is located mid-way the 2.3 kilometer strip a public market with 1,031 stalls. Originaly, the site of the public market abuts the zone as defined in the housing project's framework plan. However, as a result of a series of public dialogues, the project committee has recommended to the NGC Housing Committee to have the site within the enterprise zone. This move allows for additional lands for residential use within the housing project.

As a set priority, members of the flea market vendors associations along Commonwealth Avenue who are beneficiaries of the housing project are given the first option to lease stalls in the new market. Developable areas of the banks of the creek traversing the site , as well as bridging the creek to locate parking lots and hawking sites are site design moves adopted for the land occupancy strategy. This is balance with a well-planned landscaping scheme. Market stalls of diverse functions are accommodated in terraced floors that are zoned in wet and dry areas. A modular sewage treatment plant, an ice room and the market's exclusive water tank assures the place with adequate utilities and amenities.

The NGC Public Market is one of the largest in Quezon City. A total of 2.4 hectares are devoted to the project. It is fully equipped to operate as a modern facility.