PROS Architects and Planners

North Mactan Reclamation

Project Title & Location
Lapu-Lapu City


Metropolitan Manila

Project Completion

March 1999

Associated Firms

ENR Consultants
Strategies Alliances Corporation

Services Provided
- Land form and Land Use Allocation

The reclamation project follows an island development concepts where two islands are expected to be created. An inland channel separates the reclaimed islands from the main coastal zone. Adjunct activities are to be introduced such as a mangrove walk, a bakaw restaurant and the banca channel to allow boats to use the foreshore for bringing tourists to the Lapu-Lapu shrine.

The West Island shall be dominated by industrial, port and airport related facilities. A wetland park, a recreation zone and warehousing facilities shall be developed in the area affected by project height limits. An information technology park, a businessmen's hotel and a technical school are also proposed in the island.

The East Island is dominated by the North Mactan CBD and a Silvertown community. Land uses shall be cultural and tourism-related which are intended to complement the landside activities of the Lapu-Lapu shrine. A mixed-use development of residential, office and commercial activities are to be included in the East Island.

PROS' involvement is limited to the assessment of general land use conditions of the immediate vicinity; the land use framework and general planning concepts; and site development layout.