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North Sector Reclamation Project

Project Title & Location
Manila-Cavite Coastal Road and Reclamation Project, City of Manila


ELCO Construction and Development Corporation
Manila Gold Coast Development Corporation
Asean Seas Resources and Realty Corporation

Project Completion


Associated Firms

F.F. Cruz Corporation
ECT Consulting Engineers

Services Provided
- Master Development Plan
- Preliminary Engineering Studies

This project has the objective of reclaiming 268 hectares from Manila Bay within the political jurisdiction of the City of Manila. It incorporates an additional 60 hectares for a yacht basin that will replace the Manila Yacht Club. Water-oriented recreation and residential uses as well as commercial and tourism activities aim to complement and enhance existing land uses along Roxas Boulevard.

It is also expected that Fort Abad will eventually be landlocked upon the completion of C-2 (Quirino Avenue) as it proceeds towards the Central Boulevard of the Manila-Cavite Coastal Road and Reclamation Project. For this reason a land-swap arrangement may hasten the relocation of the Philippine Navy Headquarters.

Allowance for a flushing water park with a minimum width of 100 meters between Roxas Boulevard and the new lands shall provide sufficient open buffers for the island. Furthermore, a green strip is to be located on the eastern waterfront and a white beach will front the setting sun.

The location of the project begins at its northern end the Cultural Center Complex and extends northwards up to two blocks before the US Embassy grounds. The westward extension of the landmass reaches up to 1.5 kilometers.

As a major vehicular gateway for the MCCRRP, the proper disposition of the built forms showcases the vivid sunset scenes of Manila Bay and yet links these to Manila's oriental history.