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North Triangle Development

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EDSA, Quezon City


Elliptical Road, Quezon Ctiy

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- Conceptual Framwework Planning
- Space Programming
- Land Use and Cost Estimates

In the urban design plan of Quezon City prepared by Architect Juan Arellano, the area defined by West Avenue, North Avenue, East Avenue and Timog (South) Avenue is a regional park of 400 hectares. Two major thoroughfares divide the area into four triangles. Through several presidential proclamations, the dream of a regional park for Quezon City disappeared. The triangles, which started with the conversion of the south triangle, specifically the Bohol Avenue area, are now devoted principally to urban functions. The north triangle, except for the Ninoy Aquino Park is suffering the same fate.

Administered by the National Housing Authority (formerly the Philippine Homesite and Housing Corporation) since Quezon City's creation, the property has been left vacant for several years. Concerns on the growing squatting menace necessitated the preparation of a plan to convert the property to more intense uses. The relatively flat triangular area of 16.2 hectares is proposed to be a multi-level, multi-use development where a large percentage of the land can still be devoted to a landscaped podium-park. The dominant use of the area is for urban housing in walk-ups for the civil service employees.

The project mix consists of five varieties of dwelling units, shops and stores, entertainment facilities, a 105-room businessman's hotel, banks, offices and personal services and health facilities. Two anchors with cinema clusters are provided by a supermarket and a fresh food and produce market.