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Pines Garden Villas: Condotels I

Project Title & Location
Asin, Baguio City


M.J. Properties
Angeles City and Magallanes Village, Makati City

Project Completion


Associated Firms

Edgar T. Brazil and Associates

Services Provided
- Architectural Design Services
- Project Monitoring
- Quality Assurance

Among several house packages homebuyers at the Pines Garden Villas can choose from are the condotels. In general the concept of condotels is for condominiums, in this case separate walk-up flats stack up one over the other, to be managed and operated as a hotel. An organization of condotel owners is established to give homebuyers the option to join a rental pool. The homeowner, according to set conditions and standards, furnish units for rent. The organization holds on to operational expenses while total income of the units are pooled and distributed to unit owners less operation expense. The use of the unit by the owner is allowed with enough notice given to the organization.

Two building blocks are sited in a 3,300-square meter lot. The front building has at the ground level car garages with two flats per bay. The second level is a separate flat from the third and loft levels that are combined into a flat. A single stairway services four flats. The same arrangement occurs for the rear building, only it does not have parking garages. For the rear building, parking requirements are located at the two ends of the property. The front building has 20 units, while the rear has 40 units.