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Pines Garden Villas: Condotels II

Project Title & Location
Asin, Baguio City


M.J. Properties
Angeles City and Magallanes Village, Makati City

Project Completion


Associated Firms

Edgar T. Brazil and Associates

Services Provided
- Architectural Design Services
- Project Monitoring
- Quality Assurance

As part of the investment opportunities the project can generate for the homebuyers, multi-story condotels in building blocks are sited in areas that do not obstruct views. Condotels are condominium units owned by homebuyers that are offered to a pool that will manage and operate the units just like any hotel room. The investment offer fits well with the concept of operating the assets of the subdivision as a complex for small live-in conferences, seminars and meetings. With the conference center located elsewhere in the subdivision, accommodations become readily available in condotels that are managed by the pool.

There are six condotel buildings for the initial phase of the project. These consist of 21.5-square meter units in four-story buildings. Four units to a floor are the optimized arrangement, given limitations of car storage. In some places where more floors can be tucked into the terrain the space use shall be devoted to communal areas like administrative offices, luggage storage, coffee shop, boutiques, day care rooms and laundry areas. These efficiency condominium units have cooking facilities and individual toilet and bath.