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Quezon Institute In-Fill Site Development Plan

Project Title & Location
E. Rodriguez, Jr. Avenue, Quezon City


Philippine Tuberculosis Society, Inc.

Project Completion


Associated Firms

Ayala Land, Inc.

Services Provided
- Land Use Alternatives
- Site Development Planning
- Development Strategies.

Reeling from shortfalls in fund campaigns during the past decade, the Philippine Tuberculosis Society, Inc., sees it fit to take advantage of its real estate it has in Quezon City. Consisting of 17 hectares, it has already leased almost half of the property on a 50-year term to the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office. The leased area also contains the largest squatter enclave. The original site of the laundry building is also leased to a private entity. Currently, the Society wants to have a development plan before leasing or selling the rest of the titled areas. This results in a more organized and systematic manner of disposing the real estate. The areas that are available are those along the perimeter of the property. These are wide enough to allow for specific projects. There are however constraints to the full development of the property:

- There are buildings of architectural and historic significance. These have to be conserved.
- There are large trees that are over sixty years old and are worth preserving too.
- Quezon City has zoned the area as institutional. This will require an amendment to the zoning regulations for the area.
- A power transmission right-of-way traverses the southeast corner of the property.

The first phase of the project consists of 14 medium rise buildings having 48 dwelling units of 30 square meters each. A multi-story structure for compatible mixed uses shall be built at the northeastern corner of the property. The project will have complete facilities for recreation and community living.

Solutions to the Society's predicament can be assured with a well-prosecuted development program. A balancing objective is to have sales of lands that will be able to sustain, through interests on money, the funds required for the operation and maintenance of facilities of the Society.