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Saint Jerome Church Renewal

Project Title & Location
The Saint Jerome Church
Tapaz, Capiz Province, Panay Island


Tapaznon Foundation, Incorporated
St. Jerome Tapaz Pastoral Council
Tapaz Local Government
People of Tapaz

Project Completion


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PROS A&E Partnership

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- Site Planning
- Architectural Design Services
- Technical Documents and Specifications

Tapaz in Capiz Province is a small rural town with a population of about 40,500. It has a well-organized network of loyal constituents, generally residing in the more urbanized areas of the country. It has also very strong links with Tapaznons overseas. The leading lights of religious activities in Tapaz are the Tapaz Pastoral Council and the Tapaznon Foundation Inc. People of all walks of life in Tapaz are one with the Foundation in their association with the Parish Church of Saint Jerome. A major project that is making the townspeople work together is the renewal of its parish church. It is a project inspired by the Tapaz parish priest Rev. Fr. Enrique D. Releno, while Mrs. Florita Palomar-Esguerra heads the Foundation.

The rebuilding for the church is strongly founded along these factors. The church building shall be 25.0 meters wide. The structure shall move forward by 30.0 meters towards the existing fronting road. It shall overlap with the old church structure by 2/3 of the floor plate. The left side of the new church shall be one meter out of the old wall, while the right side shall have sufficient space from the convent to allow for an alley. Burgos Street shall be improved and realigned with pedestrian walks. Together with San Geronimo Street, this street shall have ample space for parallel vehicular parking slots.

As for the building itself, the bell tower of the church shall have a dome that is prominently seen from afar. Engaged columns on the facade shall be enhanced in size. Niches for saints shall be located on the upper course of the facade, while side windows shall be of stained glass. The side wall access shall have iron grille works. Interior columns shall be minimized to project an uncluttered look. The floor finish line shall be four steps from the ground. The access for the altar, office, lounge and the adoration chapel is to be made ample. These shall have four steps up from the finish floor line of the interior.

Fund raising shall start by October 2004 and shall continue until the church is completed by 2008.