PROS Architects and Planners

San Nicolas Business Center
Conceptual Master Plan

Project Title & Location
San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte


VENVI Real Property and Development Corporation
Mandaluyong City

Project Completion

December 2004

Associated Firms

PROS Personnel- 3
Person- months- 6

Services Provided
- Conceptual Master Plan
- Architectural Design Characterization
- Municipal Land Use Plan

On the southern banks of Laoag River is located the town of San Nicolas. The place is locally considered the twin town of the Ilocos Norte capital. It is the first town one encounters before entering Laoag City from the south. Venvi Holdings Inc whose owners are from San Nicolas is consolidating properties that are strategically positioned right in the bustling part of the town. To-date it has consolidated some 20 hectares that are good enough for a business center - called Fort Nicolas. This is in keeping with the historic role of the place as the forward defense position of the City of Laoag.

Because of the central location of Fort Nicolas in the town, together with a vital access from the National Highway, it is a very appropriate site for a business center, not only for the locality, but also in assuming a sub-regional market role. With a ten-year development timeframe, the environmental concerns, mainly the inundation of San Nicolas from over-bank floods of Laoag River, would have been already addressed. Considering that the issue requires a trans-local development approach, the provincial government or Regional Development Council itself has to put priority on it. Nevertheless the business center, constituting seven blocks, has put this concern as part of the development strategy on both the physical planning aspect as well as in the incremental phasing of the development.

In the urban design aspect of the development, three accesses are provided including the completion of as river by-way along its edge. Landmark gateways, monuments and corridor views are identified with the inclusion of the Venvi Business Office building, which has a prominent view of the complex. For ease in way finding, land use blocks are grouped in as manner that pedestrian movement is a joy and educational experience. Opportunities are provided to enhance the sensory attributes of people. A 24-hour activity scenario is encouraged considering that facilities are available up to the wee hours of the night.