PROS Architects and Planners

Shophouses at the Manila Harbour Business Centre

Project Title & Location
Shophouses at Blocks 8 and 9
Manila Business Centre, Manila Harbour Centre
Smokey Mountain Reclamation Project, Manila


R-II Builders
Quezon City

Project Completion

1997 (Partial)

Associated Firms

ECT Consulting Engineers
Erlinda G. Mendoza, Sanitary Engineer
Cesar A. Tadeo, Electrical Engineer
Armando Zamora, Mechanical Engineer

Services Provided
- Architecture & Engineering
- Design Services
- Urban Design

In implementing the commercial mix for the Manila Harbor Business Center of the Smokey Mountain Reclamation Project, two parcels identified as Blocks 8 & 9 are allotted for shop houses.

Shop houses are traditional Asian urban accommodations where the ground floor, normally with mezzanine, are devoted to retail shops or commercial activities while the upper floors are either for residential uses or for office space. In the Manila Harbour Business Centre the shop houses are in five stories having an average floor area of one hundred square meters. Units shall be owned along a condominium ownership.

Since the shop houses are sited as zero-lot line building arrangements, the character and fenestration design of the facade are important elements that must be expressed in a well-articulated architectural statement. Cornice lines are arranged rhythmically in such a manner that unity along shop houses are maintained. At corner shop houses curved walls provide the punctuated accents for the block. Textures on the surface are modulated to give a sense of elegance to the building walls and arcades, with vignettes of color as expressions of fun for the pedestrian experience. Flying banners on buildings in shaded arcades provide added colors. Night lighting and appropriate landscaping for tight places that encourage pedestrian movement complete the ensemble for the shop houses. Provisions for parking are provided in common parking buildings.